You Can Use Limes To Clean Oil, Fat, And Turmeric Stains On Kitchen Appliances

Oil and fat stains left behind in kitchen utensils are quite difficult to remove, especially kitchen tools made of plastic. However, you can use lime slices when washing dishes and dirty and greasy kitchen utensils. The trick, enter the lime slices into the soapy water that you use to wash the dishes to remove the oil and fat stains as a whole and leave a fresh scent in your kitchen utensils. Aside from that, if you need a kitchen appliance which is easy to be cleaned, you may check out the Miele appliances.

 Then, when you cook a food menu that uses turmeric as one of its basic ingredients, the color yellow often looks out of place in a kitchen appliance. The yellow color of turmeric can also be left on the shirt to your hands. Although it does not have harmful side effects for your kitchen utensils or your hands, yellow stains on kitchen utensils, hands and clothes will certainly be unsightly. The solution to getting rid of turmeric stains is to rub lime slices into the kitchen utensils, hands, and clothes that are affected by turmeric stains. The yellow color of turmeric will usually disappear and repeat if necessary until the turmeric stain disappears completely.

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