Weaknesses In Using E-mail

The process of making e-mail is very easy and can almost be done by everyone. Email might be someone’s identity online. If we follow the development of technology, almost every online activity requires an email verifier. This is done to ensure that we have an email and from the email, the developer can find out if we are an active user. Besides having advantages, the internet also has disadvantages that we might not realize. The following are some disadvantages of using e-mail as a communication tool learn more here.

1) Wrong Send
If we send e-mail messages that are confidential or contain our data to the wrong address (only because of typing an e-mail address), our secret will be revealed. For this reason, we must be careful to write the destination e-mail address.

2) The Possibility of Falsification of Identity
Remember, e-mail addresses do not necessarily reflect the true identity of the sender. So be careful when receiving e-mails with names that we know, not necessarily e-mails are really from the person in question.

3) E-mail Flooding
Our mailboxes might be flooded with e-mail over time, either because we haven’t deleted the e-mail for too long or because we received so many e-mails in a short amount of time.

4) Junk E-mail
You may receive junk e-mails in the form of commercial advertising or unexpected fraud. This e-mail is known as spam, which is usually sent to many internet users for promotion or fraud. We need to be vigilant via this e-mail.

5) Late Response
One obstacle of communication via e-mail is the slow response. We must realize that not everyone reads e-mail every day, or some people receive so many e-mails every day that your e-mail is missed to be read or even accidentally deleted. Therefore, if we want a quick e-mail reply, you should notify the recipient for example via telephone or SMS.

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