These Are 5 Excellent Bathroom Wall Inspirations For A Minimalist Home Owner

Everyone needs a bathroom in their house so they can do a lot of activities related to hygiene easily and privately. It’s because it is identical to water, bathrooms must be designed waterproof. Especially the walls and bathroom tiles that sometimes get splashed when you take a shower. Even so, that doesn’t mean the bathroom wall should look monotonous. Additionally, you may also read the bathroom vanity buying guide and buy a new bathroom vanity for your bathroom, especially if you want to make it looks quite luxurious and not monotonous at all.

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Here are 5 cool bathroom wall inspirations for your minimalist home:

1. Marble walls

Some houses with classic and modern styles usually use marble walls. Although the price is very expensive, marble gives the impression of luxury in your bathroom. There are quite a few choices of marble pattern, but the price is usually much more expensive than ceramics.

2. Black wall

The bathroom is identical to wet and dirty. Puddles and splashes of water left alone will make your bathroom mossy. If you are one of those who do not like to clean the bathroom, maybe the inspiration for a black bathroom wall can disguise your dirty bathroom.

3. Plant motif walls

Bathroom walls do not have to be patterned boxes, and lines. The bathroom can also be given an outdoor touch like the Mt House design of creative work that utilizes tangible carvings of plants on the bathroom walls.

4. Superhero Wall

Superhero figures such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Spiderman certainly become an idol for some people. In fact, these figures can also be the inspiration for your minimalist home bathroom wall. Actually, superhero wall motif is not only suitable for children, but also can be used for all ages.

5. Wall murals of children

Instead of sketching and your ideas are taken for granted, it’s better to use them for something more useful. For example, it was used as an inspiration to design murals on bathroom walls. In addition, the bathroom with some mural paintings will show the creativity of the owner.

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