The Best Way To Choose A Warehouse For Rent

As we know today, all business sectors are quite developed, especially for the production side of goods. To meet sufficient production every day, surely it needs a large storage area to avoid the accumulation of goods homepage. Renting 迷你倉 might be the first step we can take. To find the best storage area, maybe the following suggestions can be useful for you:

Size of the Warehouse For Rent in General

Before you start renting a warehouse, you must research it from the database beforehand. Cases from each company you can apply in determining the size of the warehouse.
For example, in company sales, data can be seen per month.

There you can see how many rounds of goods are stored in the warehouse per month.
Then calculate the average pallet contents, so you can find out how many pallets one company needs.

The average common warehouse size is 23m x 48m.
The standard warehouse in Hong Kong averages 9m below and 12m above.
While the new warehouse standard is 12m below and 16m above.
Don’t forget to create a warehouse layout.
Determine where the goods go out and go in as desired.

Also add the need for the preparation of goods after receipt and before shipping, the extent of which depends on the amount of delivery and receipt of goods.

The process of going in and out of goods should be done at a different door and has a unidirectional path (not back and forth). This is needed to facilitate access in and out of goods and make the time more efficient.

Choose a strategic location for the warehouse rental business

After size, the most important thing for you to consider is the location of the warehouse.
One of the things that must be done so that the function of the warehouse can be maximized is that the location chosen must be strategic.

Not too far from the location where you live and can be reached by modes of transportation, both large and small.

The location you choose must also avoid the risk of floods and landslides.
Because this is usually what many people complain about when renting a warehouse.
You also need to know, at this time many warehouses have been rented out for public purposes, which are rented by the state.

If you do not want to be disturbed by their activities, then you must choose a new place for your warehouse so that every process that occurs in the warehouse is not hampered.

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