The Ball Screw Repair To Anticipate Wear And Tear

The ball screw repair runout and hub of the sizing device after repair, rebuilding or replacement will be checked according to the chase. Perimeter measuring equipment will be separated into 8 to 10 equal parts along generatrix riggings, and markers will be introduced at the ends of the rigging bigness. The drums will be played sequentially by one division, and holes between markers and large equipment will be estimated in each circumferential equipment situation. A decent runout outspread of circumference rigging is 1 mm, and a reasonable hub runout is 1.5 mm learn more here.

With ball screw repair the direction will be improved by the methodology built for the orientation of the grinding type. The post dismantling method consists of the accompanying stages. Bearing organ seals, cushioning and spreading of the bearing will be removed. Cribbing and jacks will be introduced under the drum. The drum will be lifted using a jack (or other enhancing gadget), clamped to the bed, and the jack will run out. It is forbidden to leave the drum raised in the jack without repairing. At that time the liner will be thrown and issued with a pivot around the diary. Courses are collected in an invert request.The drive belt will be replaced at the same time in accordance with the special. Belt pressure will be moderate, misalignment of the machine becomes unacceptable because it can cause the belt to lick.

The plant test methodology is as follows. Testing of the electric engine unit, belt-and-pulley drive, gears, lubricating frame (all units without filling the ball to the factory) will be directed for 2 hours. This test will include checks for effects on equipment sets, termination of greases, increase in bearing meeting temperature (will not exceed 15 to 20 °), vibration of drive rigging bearings, pulleys and engines (cover up to 0.1 mm). At that time the factory load test was carried out. The first 25% of the ball is filled in for 20 minutes. run-in, at that time the stack will increase to 100%, run-in is also 20 minutes. In the event that no damage is distinguished, the plant is recognized after being repaired with a will problem.

After ball screw repair the ball mill will agree to all the details and execution criteria in accordance with its support and activity manual. Anticipate wear and tear on hardware that is not timely and maintain operating conditions during the repair ordered. Overall, preventive and planned repair arrangements are intended to keep the gears operational, for example that will guarantee the operation of the gears while saving on high limits. In addition, planned repairs allow consistent distribution of the remaining repair groups, improve repair quality, and reduce repair costs.

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