Car Detailing Oceanside Detailing Process for Every Beginner Should Know

Detailing a car probably isn’t a difficult or technical task to do. You can do more harm if you using the wrong products or follow the wrong procedures. It is also important to know and understand the car detailing the process in your area because each location has its unique attributes that impact the way a car needs to be cleaned. You may need the help a professional car detailer like

Before you hire a car detailer, here are the things about car detailing the process you should know.

3 Steps of Car Detailing Oceanside Detailing Process for Every Beginner

1. Get the Right Supplies and Towels recommend you to get the right supplies and towels. You should get a proper wash-mitt and some nice soft microfibre towels which make it much easier to dry the paintwork in your car without the risk of scratching. It means you don’t need to use sponges because it’s like using sandpaper. You should also get a proper shampoo for your car.

2. Don’t Wash Your Car in Direct Sunlight

Most detailing products don’t perform well on a hot surface or in the sun’s rays. Heat also good for drying of soap and water, and while it’s tempting to enjoy the sun outside. But it also recommended work indoors or in the shade by

3. Work Your Way from the Top and Down

It is important to work your way from the top and down. It can avoid the splashing all the dirt and grime on parts of your surface that you have just cleaned. This process does not include the tires and wheels. You should always clean your tires and wheels first as both parts are often the dirtiest part of the vehicle.

That’s all about the detailing process for every beginner’s tips from So make sure you have to follow the procedures and the right products.

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