Begging For Mercy To God For Your Lies

Lying is one of the things we must avoid. Since childhood, our parents have always advised us to be honest and not easily tell lies. You also have to hear this advice because lying also has a negative impact on the health of our brains and bodies urgent prayer request. Even though we lie because of small things or because of circumstances that force, but every lie has an effect on our brain. Ask God if we ever lie. Do a prayer request to make sure your prayer is answered as soon as possible.

When we lie, the brain will be directly affected
Many studies have stated that our health can be affected because of lying often. The effect is not a positive influence, but the body can get a bad influence.
As said by an expert, when we have just lied, the body will release cortisol (a hormone released by the body when stressed) into the brain. After a few minutes, memories will try to remember the lies and truth. So that the brain will have enough difficulty making decisions and will make it angry.

When lying, stress will increase
After that initial reaction, then we will start to worry about the lies we have done or worry about getting caught for lying. To overcome these feelings, we will cover up lies and treat others better than usual. Or vice versa, we will think that we are innocent of lying because they are the ones who make you lie. Differences in opinion in our brain continuously can create stress so that eventually we will feel guilty and experience disturbances during sleep.

Do not stop there, the negative impact on health because lying will still increase. Not only sleep disorders, high blood pressure, headaches and backs, cramps, nausea can also be experienced because of the stress caused by our lies. Mental disorders such as anxiety to depression can also be experienced because of lying. If you get depressed then, of course, we need the help of others to overcome it. Therefore, depression can’t be left because it can endanger ourselves.

So, you still want to lie to friends or parents? From now on, it’s better to make it a habit not to lie so that our brains don’t suffer and won’t have a negative impact on our physical and mental health.

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