Avoid Long Message If You Want To Ask Her To A Date

The best way of texting a girl is to avoid messages that are too long. Maybe you are passionate about chatting with her, but don’t obey your emotion to overwhelm her with too many words at a time. Remember that it is a chat, of course, the message that was sent was short. If you want to send a long message, then use the email. After all, many women don’t like long messages. When she encounters such a message, she prefers to read the sentence at the end.

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No different when doing approach in the real world, approaching a girl through chat applications also requires confidence. So, always prepare your confidence every time you start chatting with her. You have to show an attractive attitude. Women, in general, are very happy with ambitious and inspirational men, and such an attitude will help you to impress each time you enter a chat session. When your chat session with her has begun to awaken, then now is the time to create more interesting topics. If topics such as food, music, or vacation spots are considered boring, then try to build a more current topic. You can talk about things that are in the media spotlight. However, make sure that the topic you choose is not too heavy and can provoke a debate. Avoid current topics that have spread to political and religious matters. Maybe an update on celebrities or trending topics on social media could be an option.

Now, after going through a long process of getting to know each other through chat, then now is the time for you to start being patient. In addition to avoiding an aggressive impression, this also helps her to get the space that is expected to be a time to consider your presence. After that, try to invite her to meet in person and start a truly natural date. Invite her with a natural conversation, so that there is no room for rejection.

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